Concentrado de color masterbatch



Developing is the method with which you can adapt to the times of today. You have to look to the past and look to the future and try to see and think which are the possibilities of innovating in the competitive market of masterbatch. From our point of view as masterbatch manufacturers, we understand the needs of companies with quality and design departments in their laboratories.

HADES MASTERBATCH promoting the R&D&I sector with creativity and experience makes available a new model of double cylinder mixer, the LABORATORY MIXER MILL HMB-CL4.

The technical specifications of the LABORATORY MIXER MILL HMB-CL4 distributed exclusively by HADES MASTERBATCH allows us to regulate thanks to its temperature sensors, a working temperature in +/- 2 ºC, which gives us regular work, also has speed regulator and thickness to work with different polymers, and to be able to develop better mixtures and thicknesses.

In accordance with European safety regulations, the LABORATORY MIXER MILL HMB-CL4 has three emergency stop systems and CE certificate, guaranteeing that their use is completely safe for operators.

In our laboratory we have several LABORATORY MIXER MILL HMB-CL4 with which we develop and check our colors in the fabrications of our color concentrates, is also very useful to compare pigments from our suppliers, making our work in laboratory and quality control much easier and more agile.

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